SF BLK Events are the perfect platform to sell your merchandise, food, music or apparel goods. We are now accepting vendor applications from the following type of vendors: (click category for details).

  • Non Profits
  • Food/Beverage
  • Artists
  • Apparel
  • Games/Entertainment


2023 Applications are Open! Scroll below for all the details.

Sunday • August 20th, 2023

Yerba Buena Gardens, 750 Howard St, San Francisco

12pm Doors

VENDOR BOOTH FEE (per 10’×10′ area)• $300.00

Arts & Crafts Vendors must comply with the following guidelines:

• The majority (55%) of merchandise for sale at Arts & Crafts Booths must be handcrafted by the Vendor occupying the booth space.

• Photographs of the merchandise to be sold at the Arts & Crafts Booth must be submitted with this application.

• Vendors must allow for quick inspections on the day of the street fair.

• SF Soul Music Festival appreciates your cooperation with our guidelines.

Vendors using booth spaces to display and sell Imported/Manufactured Items must comply with the following guidelines:

• Photographs of the merchandise for the booth must be submitted with this application

• Vendors must allow for quick inspection on the day of the street fair.

SF Soul Music Festival appreciates your cooperation with our guidelines.</br></br>

NON-PROFIT BOOTH (proof of status required) • $250.00

Non-profits must be a registered (501) (c) (3) organization & must comply with the following guidelines:

• Provide proof of Non-Profit Status documentation.

• Informational Outreach consists of disseminating information about the organization & its activities.

• Fund-raising Campaigns such as selling merchandise, conducting raffles or providing onsite services for a fee are permissible within applicable legal restrictions.

• Food distribution of any kind (for free or for sale) is prohibited. Food vending is subject to SF Public Health & SF Fire Department regulations & requires the submission of a 2023 SF Soul Music Festival Vendor application.

• SF Soul Music Festival appreciates your cooperation with our guidelines.


• Non-Grill Cooking Booths only (no open-air flame or BBQ style cooking): $1000.00 for a 10’x10’ space + $100.00 Maintenance Fee per booth location  

• Description of Food to be sold should be included in the form.

• Food Booths are defined as any booth space(s) used for selling food items for public consumption. All Food Vendors must comply with San Francisco Public Health Dept. (DPH) and San Francisco Fire Dept. (SFFD) regulations & are subject to inspections on the day of the street fair prior to commencing business. Failure to comply with all regulations will result in cessation of operation & subject to removal from the street fair. – SF Soul Music Festival will secure the required permits from DPH & SFFD for all Food Vendors. City Agency application forms and regulation guidelines will be mailed to each vendor once the Food Vendor’s Application is approved by SF Soul Music Festival. The completed City Agency applications must be returned to SF Soul Music Festival in a timely manner. Failure to submit the city agency forms to SF Soul Music Festival will result in the cancellation of the application.

• All Food Vendors selling bottled water must comply with the S.F. ORDINANCE 28-14, which bans the sale or distribution of drinking water in plastic bottles of 21 ounces or less. Failure to comply with this ordinance may affect future participation in SF Soul Music Festival activities.

  • All merchandise, storage boxes, canopies, tables, chairs & display units must be in the assigned booth space (10°x10*). Sidewalk areas CANNOT be used for storage space. The sidewalk areas must remain clutter free.

    Tents and Event Structures
  •  No staking of tents in landscape or to trees, or attaching to any Gardens furniture, light post, bench, etc.
  • Each leg of the tent must have at least one 25pd sand bag. It frequently gets windy in the Gardens and this is necessary for the vendor’s, and general public’s, safety.
  • SF Soul Music Festival only provides the booth space (10°×10*). Vendors are solely responsible for all items & materials (i.e., pop-up tent, tables & chairs, power, etc.) necessary to conduct business.
  • The use of a generator for power must be declared upon the submission of application. Day of Event requests are subject to additional fees (payable on-site) and requires approval of SF Soul Music Festival & SFFD prior to operating the unit.
  • The set-up & operation of a generator during the Event must comply with all SFFD regulations.
  • An official 2023 SF Soul Music Festival Vendor application must be submitted to participate.

  • The 2023 SF Soul Music Festival Vendor’s Application & full payment must be submitted prior to approval & booth assignment.

  • Vendors are responsible for providing all necessary arrangements to conduct their business (i.e., tables, chairs, canopies, power, etc.). SF Soul Music Festival does not provide these services.

  • Vendor set-up time will be from 7:00 am to 10:00 am on the morning of the Festival (August 20th,2023). SF Soul Music Festival Monitors will be on-hand to manage load-in activities.

  • Booth spaces are reserved for the specific purposes described by the applicant & must be approved by SF Soul Music Festival. Musical presentations (such as performances, DJs, amplified music, etc.) are not permitted. Violators will be cited in accordance to the regulations of the S.F.Entertainment Commission, SFPD or SFFD & forfeit participation

  • All Vendors Must Be Insured and have a certificate of insurance (COI)

  • The Festival begins at 12:00 pm and ends promptly at 6:00 pm. All vendors must be prepared to vacate at 6:00 pm. (See 2023 HAS Closing Policy below.) SF Soul Music Festival will implement its clean-up plans immediately at 6:00 pm.

  • SF Soul Music Festival Booth Space permits are issued only to the registered vendor & are non-transferable. Unauthorized substitute vendors will not be allowed to participate. SF Soul Music Festival cannot be held financially accountable for closing any unauthorized substitute booth vendor.

  • Registered Vendors must inform & seek SF Soul Music Festival’s permission prior to the street fair of their intention to share the booth space with someone else. The additional vendor is subject to  SF Soul Music Festival product review & approval.

  • SF Soul Music Festival reserves the right to refuse space requests & revoke booth permits for conduct & activities deemed detrimental to the success of the Festival or are in violation of City laws or regulations.

  • Booth Fees are non-refundable in the event of an unforeseen cancellation of the event due to circumstances beyond  SF Soul Music Festival’s  control.

  • Booth location(s) & Load-In/Out Pass notifications will be sent via e-mail to all registered Vendors. Postal notifications are arrangeable.


  • 5:30 pm – 5:45 pm: Vendors prepare to Load-Out.
  • 6:00 pm: All sales cease & Vendors begin vacating
  • Failure to abide with this policy may result in citations by City agencies & exclusion from future SF Soul Music Festival activities.
  • YOUR COOPERATION WILL ENABLE SF Soul Music Festival, SFPD & DPW to begin clean up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We accept PayPal, Cashapp, and Zelle for booth fee payments.

For payment information or inquiries, contact: sfblk100@gmail.com